Dec 24 2010

Atlantic City Bacharach Giants | 1926

Shortstop Dick Lundy took over the managerial reigns and led the Bacharachs to back-to-back Eastern Colored League Championships in 1926-27, with a winning percentage of .629 the former year. However, each year they lost a closely contested World Series to the Chicago American Giants. The 1926 Series included two ties and necessitated ten games before a winner emerged. Acknowledged as one of the greatest shortstops of all-time, Lundy was joined on the left side of the infield by premier thirdbaseman Oliver Marcelle. Centerfielder Chaney White provided much of the offensive output and righthander Rats Henderson was the ace of the Bacharachs’ pitching staff. There was no chance of a third flag for Lundy’s squad, as the league folded during the early part of the 1928 season.

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