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Bullet Joe Rogan

Bullet Joe Rogan

An outstanding pitcher with a tremendous fastball, a fine curve and good control, “Bullet” Rogan was a star for the Kansas City Monarchs for almost 20 years. The 5’9″, 180-lb. right-hander was a smart pitcher who always kept the ball down. A durable workhorse, putting in an average of 30 games per year for a decade without ever being relieved, Bullet Joe’s value to the team was inestimable. In addition to his pitching skills, he was a superb fielder and a dangerous hitter.

A versatile player, when not performing on the mound, Bullet played in the outfield to keep his big bat in the line-up. He showcased his stamina and versatility when he gained two victories in the 1924 World Series against the great Hilldale club, pitching three complete games and relieving in another, and batting .325 while playing in the outfield the other six games. That winter, in his only trip to Cuba, the hard worker continued his winning pace, recording a 9-4 worksheet.

The following year without Rogan on the mound in the World Series, the Monarchs lost to the same Hilldale club. In 1926, Bullet hit .331 and compiled a 12-4 record on the mound, which was tops for the first-half champion Monarchs, who lost a heartbreaking five-out-of-nine play-off to the second-half champion, Chicago American Giants. In a valiant effort to stave off defeat, Bullet Joe started both ends of a double-header on the last day of the play-off, but to no avail.

During his twilight years, Rogan served as manager of the Monarchs prior to his retirement in 1938.

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All Nations, Kansas City Monarchs

Comparable Players:
Dazzy Vance, Wes Ferrell

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