Dec 26 2010

Chicago American Giants of 1921

Chicago American Giants

Chicago American Giants of 1921

Rube Foster formed the first black league, the Negro National League, in 1920. His team, the Chicago American Giants, extended their dominance from the deadball era’s independent years on into the era of the “lively” ball and league play by copping the first three league pennants. The team’s winning percentage topped .600 each of the last two seasons, with a high of .661 in 1921. Foster’s team played a brand of baseball that emphasized pitching, speed and defense. All of his players could bunt, steal bases and hit-and-run. Featuring greyhound outfielders Jelly Gardner, Jimmy Lyons and Christobal Torriente, and infielders Bingo DeMoss, David Malarcher and Bobby Williams, Foster’s charges were an agressive and opportunistic ballclub, characterized by clutch performances. Cuban superstar Torriente was the only legitimate slugger on the team, while Dave Brown, one of the greatest lefthanded pitchers of all time, headed an excellent mound corps.

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