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Chicago American Giants of 1927

Chicago American Giants

Chicago American Giants of 1927

After Rube Foster became incapacitated from a mental breakdown, the mantle of team leadership fell to his protege’ David Malarcher. Under Malarcher’s direction, the American Giants won consecutive Championships in his first two seasons at the helm, 1926-27. Each year, the team won one half of the Negro National League’s split season, defeated the winner of the other half in a playoff, and defeated the Eastern Colored League Champions in the World Series. In 1927, they won the first half with a .696 percentage and swept the Birmingham Black Barons in the play-off for the league title. Then, in a rematch of the previous year’s World Series Teams, they defeated the Bacharach Giants five games to three. Playing manager Malarcher’s mound ace was Rube Foster’s half-brother, Willie Foster, considered the best left-hander in the history of black baseball. The Chicago offense was furnished by Walter “Steel Arm” Davis and Pythias Russ. In 1928, they came close to a third title, winning the second half of the split season.

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