Dec 28 2010

Chicago Leland Giants of 1910

Chicago Leland Giants of 1910

Owner-manager Rube Foster called this aggregation of talent, the greatest team of all-time, black or white. Led by Hall-of-Fame shortstop John Henry Lloyd, the ballclub was a virtual All-Star team, and included superstar outfielder Pete Hill, catcher Bruce Petway and secondbaseman “Home Run” Johnson. Foster, a Hall-of-Fame pitcher, was the third best hurler on the staff, behind Frank Wickware and Pat Dougherty. During his career, Wickware won recognition by out-dueling Walter Johnson in two of three encounters. The Lelands fashioned a 101-4-1 record for the season, and then traveled to Cuba for the winter to defeat the Island’s best teams. The Cuban teams signed Lloyd, Hill, Johnson and Petway to play with them against the touring Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Athletics. It was in the Detroit series that the black players gained recognition by outhitting Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford.

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