Dec 28 2010

Hilldale Daisies of 1925

Hilldale Daisies

Hilldale Daisies of 1925

The Eastern Colored League, blackbaseball’s second league, was formed in 1923, and the first three pennants were won by the strong Hilldale ballclub. There was no World Series the first year, and after losing to the Kansas City Monarchs in 1924, they faced them again in a rematch in 1925 and won the Championship, losing only one game. The team finished the regular season with a .775 winning percentage and featured their star catcher and cleanup hitter, Biz Mackey, Hall-of-Fame thirdbaseman Judy Johnson and ballhawking outfielder Clint Thomas. Playing manager Frank Warfield’s pitching staff was headed by lefthanded ace Nip Winters and spitballer Phil Cockrell.

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