Dec 28 2010

Kansas City Monarchs of 1942

Kansas City Monarchs

Kansas City Monarchs of 1942

The Kansas City Monarchs’ first dynasty was in the 1920s, and their second dynasty began with the formation of the Negro American League in 1937. The Monarchs won five of the first six pennants, culminating in 1942 with a victory over the Negro National League’s Homestead Grays in the first Negro World Series between the two leagues. The Monarchs greatest asset was the depth of their pitching staff, headed by the legendary Satchel Paige. Hilton Smith, Jack Matchett, Lefty LaMarque, Booker McDaniels and Connie Johnson furnished manager Frank Duncan with an impressive mound corps. Slugger Willard Brown led an offensive attack that included rightfielder Ted Strong, catcher Joe Greene and first baseman Buck O’Neil. Bonnie Serrell and Jesse Williams provided a good middle-infield combination, and lead-off batter Willie Sims furnished additional speed as the Monarchs captured both halves of the split season.

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