Dec 28 2010

St. Louis Stars of 1930

St. Louis Stars of 1930

The last two pennants before the first Negro National League’s demise were annexed by the St. Louis Stars. Finishing the 1930 season with a composite .741 percentage, they won the first-half title and defeated the Detroit Stars in the league play-off for the Championship. Led by superswift Hall-of-Famer Cool Papa Bell, superstar shortstop Willie Wells and homerun slugger Mule Suttles, St. Louis pounded out impressive offensive totals while playing in the confines of Dick Kent’s ballyard with the enticing car barn in leftfield, much like the Green Monster in Fenway Park. Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe lived up to his nickname by performing yeoman’s service on both ends of the battery. Beginning the season tending primarily to the catching chores, at mid-season injuries forced him to assume a more substantive part of the mound assignments and he responded by being the team’s top hurler during their stretch drive. Other moundsmen were Eggie Hensley, Leroy Matlock and Ted Trent. The next season the Stars repeated as Champions, the last in the league’s history.

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