Oct 18 2013

NEGRO LEAGUE BASEBALL – Raymond Aguillard Interview

Via YouTube:

NEGRO LEAGUE BASEBALL – Raymond Aguillard Interview: Negro League Baseball was a professional baseball league during the Jim Crow Era, or Racial Segregation Era in The US with the earliest games being played in 1860 and the last ones in 1965. Negro League Baseball was composed almost entirely of Blacks, though our guest Raymond Aguillard has pointed out that their were two White baseball players in the league during his time. Plus contrary to popular belief, most Negro League baseball games were attended by more Whites than Blacks, and in many cases all Whites. Raymond Aguillard was born in New Orleans LA in 1938. Aguillard grew up playing baseball, and later signed with the Minor League Chicago Cubs team in 1956 at age seventeen. Aguillard later left the Cubs and signed with the Negro Baseball League’s Detroit Stars before moving on to the Kansas City Monarchs. Oldcat1959 News caught up with the retired Baseball player, and business man living with his wife of 54 years and their pets near Vossburg Mississippi.

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