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Teams of the Negro Baseball Leagues

Dec 28 2010

Kansas City Monarchs of 1946

The Monarchs captured the first post-war Negro American League pennant with a strong pitching staff that included Satchel Paige, Hilton Smith, Ford Smith and Connie Johnson.

Dec 28 2010

Kansas City Monarchs of 1942

The Kansas City Monarchs’ first dynasty was in the 1920s, and their second dynasty began with the formation of the Negro American League in 1937.

Dec 28 2010

Kansas City Monarchs of 1929

Playing manager Bullet Joe Rogan was past his prime as a pitcher, but still played centerfield and batted cleanup to lead his club to their fourth and final Negro National League pennant.

Dec 28 2010

Kansas City Monarchs of 1924

Rube Foster’s reign in the west was broken by the Kansas City Monarchs, who captured the next three Negro League pennants, 1923-25, registering a .714 winning percentage in 1924.

Dec 28 2010

Indianapolis ABC’s of 1916

Managed by C.I. Taylor, this was the only team to wrest the Western title away from Rube Foster’s Chicago American Giants during the decade.

Dec 28 2010

Homestead Grays of 1943

Winners of nine consecutive Negro National League pennants, the Homestead Grays won their first Negro World Series in 1943 when they defeated the Negro American League Champions Birmingham Black Barons in seven games.

Dec 28 2010

Homestead Grays of 1948

Homestead Grays of 1948 In the last season of the NNL’s existence, the Homestead Grays won the final championship, marking their tenth pennant in twelve seasons.  They finished strong to take the second half of the split season and then swept the first half winners, the Baltimore Elite Giants, in a play-off series for the …

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Dec 28 2010

Homestead Grays of 1938

When the Negro National League was restructured as an eastern league in 1937, the Homestead Grays began a remarkable skein of nine consecutive pennants.

Dec 28 2010

Homestead Grays of 1931

Considered by many to be black baseball’s best ballclub ever, this talented aggregation forged a 136-17 mark for the season.

Dec 28 2010

Harrisburg Giants of 1925

Oscar Charleston managed this power-laden ballclub to a second place finish in the Eastern Colored League behind Hilldale.

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