Dec 28 2010

Harrisburg Giants of 1925

Oscar Charleston managed this power-laden ballclub to a second place finish in the Eastern Colored League behind Hilldale.

Dec 28 2010

Hilldale Daisies of 1925

The Eastern Colored League, blackbaseball’s second league, was formed in 1923, and the first three pennants were won by the strong Hilldale ballclub.

Dec 28 2010

Detroit Stars of 1930

Franchise player Turkey Stearnes jumped the team to play in the east with the Lincoln Giants but returned at mid-season to power the Stars to the second-half title in a split season.

Dec 28 2010

Cleveland Buckeyes of 1945

Catcher Quincey Trouppe returned from the Mexican League to take the helm of the Cleveland Buckeyes and, under his direction, they copped both halves of the split season with a composite .768 winning percentage to win the Negro American League pennant.

Dec 28 2010

Chicago Leland Giants of 1910

Owner-manager Rube Foster called this aggregation of talent, the greatest team of all-time, black or white.

Dec 28 2010

Welcome to the New Blackbaseball’s Negro Baseball Leagues

Since 1996 we’ve brought you the best in Negro Baseball Leagues information. We’re happy to announce we have migrated to a new platform and will be relocating our information to this site in the weeks to come.

Dec 27 2010

Dandy, Day and the Devil

Based on exhaustive research and personal interviews, this publication is a trilogy examining the lives and careers of Negro League stars of Ray Dandridge, Leon Day and Willie Wells.

Dec 26 2010

Josh Gibson: The Power and the Darkness

Josh Gibson: THE POWER AND THE DARKNESS by Mark Ribowsky From the publisher: It is said that Josh Gibson is the only man ever to have hit a fair ball out of Yankee Stadium. Some claim he hit as many as seventy-five home runs in a season. All agreed that he was a frightening hitter …

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Dec 26 2010

Chicago American Giants of 1933

In the inaugural East-West All-Star game played in 1933, seven players in the starting lineup for the West squad came from the Chicago American Giants.

Dec 26 2010

Chicago American Giants of 1927

After Rube Foster became incapacitated from a mental breakdown, the mantle of team leadership fell to his protege’ David Malarcher.

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