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Nov 07 2011

Of Monarchs and Black Barons

New in 2012 from author James A. Riley: Of Monarchs and Black Barons: Essays on Baseball’s Negro Leagues. The first African American to play in baseball’s recognized major leagues, William Edward White, appeared in 1879, followed by brothers Fleetwood and Welday Walker in 1884. The fourth African American, Jackie Robinson, did not make his major …

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Mar 02 2011

Lost Black Crackers 1938 Negro Leagues Film Footage Surfaces

From WXIA Atlanta ATLANTA — If the Atlanta Black Crackers had a heyday, this film depicts it. In 1938, the team played in the Negro Major Leagues for one season, then promptly returned to the minor leagues. The film barely scratches the surface of that team. “I believe it’s the only known footage of the …

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Feb 14 2011

Who was black baseball’s best pitcher?

MLB.com posed the following question to a panel of 19 of the most respected authorities on “black baseball:” Who were the top five black pitchers prior to the integration of the Major Leagues?

Jan 05 2011

Blackbaseball Now on Facebook and Twitter

We’re now on facebook and twitter as we kick off the new year 2011. Join now and follow the current news in Negro Leagues history as well as the latest project from Negro Leagues expert and author, James A. Riley.

Jan 04 2011

Ken Burns PBS Baseball Series Recommends blackbaseball.com


Blackbaseball’s Negro Baseball Leagues is one of several baseball references recommended to teachers by the PBS/Ken Burns baseball documentary.

Dec 28 2010

Barnstorming to Heaven: Syd Pollock and His Great Black Teams

A rare insider’s perspective on baseball’s great barnstorming age.

Dec 28 2010

The Negro Leagues: African-American Achievers

The Negro Leagues is a story filled with unforgettable personalities, improbably performances, and magic moments. Most of all, it is a story excellence in the pursuit of our national pastime.

Dec 28 2010

Welcome to the New Blackbaseball’s Negro Baseball Leagues

Since 1996 we’ve brought you the best in Negro Baseball Leagues information. We’re happy to announce we have migrated to a new platform and will be relocating our information to this site in the weeks to come.

Dec 27 2010

Dandy, Day and the Devil

Based on exhaustive research and personal interviews, this publication is a trilogy examining the lives and careers of Negro League stars of Ray Dandridge, Leon Day and Willie Wells.

Dec 26 2010

Josh Gibson: The Power and the Darkness

Josh Gibson: THE POWER AND THE DARKNESS by Mark Ribowsky From the publisher: It is said that Josh Gibson is the only man ever to have hit a fair ball out of Yankee Stadium. Some claim he hit as many as seventy-five home runs in a season. All agreed that he was a frightening hitter …

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