Jan 05 2012

The Game novel examines baseball and race

From the Woodlands Villager:

Having crafted his World War II novel through 16 years of detailed research, Woodlands author Franklin Kless admits it was a unique writing experience when a short story about America’s favorite past time suddenly dawned on him three years ago.“People don’t believe me when I tell them, but it just popped into my brain,” said Kless, a 30-year resident of The Woodlands. “It was so clear.”In six months, Kless wrote his 200-page short story, a fictionalized account of the first interracial baseball game in Vicksburg, Miss. in the 1940s and it was published. “The Game” is split into two parts, the challenge of how the game was created and an account of the game from the perspective of the two announcers, one a strong segregationist and the other more open-minded.

via Woodlands man’s novel examines baseball and race – Your Houston News: The Woodlands Villager: News.

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